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  • positive review  Good product, quick delivery.😍😍

    Yousuf Sohel Avatar Yousuf Sohel
    May 12, 2021

    positive review  আজ আমার দুই ছেলে বাবুর জন্য আপনাদের কাছ থেকে ইদের দুই সেট টি-শার্ট নিলাম। টি-শাট এর কাপড়ের কোয়ালিটি খুবই ভাল এবং আপনাদের সেবার মান খুবই চমৎকার। ইনশাল্লাহ সামনে আর শপিং করতে পারবো আপনাদের কাছ থেকে আশাকরি । ধন্যবাদ ।

    Saiful Islam Shuvo Avatar Saiful Islam Shuvo
    May 8, 2021

    positive review  Thanks Smarty nerdy for these sweet t-shirt...

    Nipa Das Avatar Nipa Das
    April 28, 2021
  • positive review  thanks got my parcel onk nice hoise

    Tahsina Siraj Chowdhury Avatar Tahsina Siraj Chowdhury
    April 26, 2021

    positive review  Thank you so much for your quality service. Products are really good. You made it exactly what I wanted. 😍😍

    Islam Ruma Avatar Islam Ruma
    April 23, 2021

    positive review  Loved their product and service . A beautiful idea to always remember your precious memories.

    Fariana Faroque Lifa Avatar Fariana Faroque Lifa
    April 23, 2021
  • positive review  Loved their service and quality...the tees were just perfect 😊

    Tahmina Sattar Rimi Avatar Tahmina Sattar Rimi
    April 20, 2021

    positive review  Best quality t-shirt with service. Satisfied very much.

    রিফাত লোপা Avatar রিফাত লোপা
    April 11, 2021

    positive review  Thank you very much for your product and service. I am really satisfied which size I ordered you exactly delivered this size and fabric quality is so good.

    Moontaha Moon Avatar Moontaha Moon
    April 6, 2021
  • positive review  আমার ছেলের দুটো জন্মদিনে আপনাদের কাস্টমাইজড গেঞ্জি পেয়ে সন্তুষ্ট। কাপড়ের মান অনেক ভাল।

    Sikder Asma Avatar Sikder Asma
    April 5, 2021

    positive review  good quality products and also good service 😊

    Shathi Shathi Avatar Shathi Shathi
    April 5, 2021

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    Gory Monday Avatar Gory Monday
    April 3, 2021
  • positive review  promt service..good quality product...happy me..thank u smartynerdy.. 😊

    Ananna Nashid Avatar Ananna Nashid
    March 30, 2021

    positive review  Thank you Smartynerdy, for bringing smiles to my loved ones face. From my baby to my papa everyone just loves the quality and designs of your tshirts. Keep up the good work always, all the best for future! Will keep ordering you 😊

    Sanjida Sifat Adel Avatar Sanjida Sifat Adel
    March 21, 2021

    positive review  Just received my desired Tees'. Thanks Smartynerdy. Color, quality and design everything are wonderful. Just consider reducing price, if possible. Waiting for the next occasion! ❤️

    S.M.Shariat Ullah Avatar S.M.Shariat Ullah
    March 18, 2021
  • positive review  Thank you very much Smartynerdy for making our day more special! I am really satisfied with the service and wish you all the best.

    Mahbuba Begum Mukta Avatar Mahbuba Begum Mukta
    March 15, 2021

    positive review  Quality of products is good and exceptional.Design’s are awesome. Love this very much.

    Ataur Rahman Avatar Ataur Rahman
    March 13, 2021

    positive review  I love all the products. Best quality ensured.

    Sharmin Sheuli Avatar Sharmin Sheuli
    March 9, 2021
  • positive review  Thank you Smartynerdy, your products & designs are awesome. I just Love your Page 😊💝

    Tauhida Mou Avatar Tauhida Mou
    March 8, 2021

    positive review  The tshirt & romper i ordered were better than the picture I saw in the page. I'm 100% satisfied with product, and service, pls keep up the good work

    Shanjeeda Salah Uddin Silvia Avatar Shanjeeda Salah Uddin Silvia
    March 7, 2021

    positive review  Awesome service,comfortable products & I got exactly what I ordered,I am so happy with their service,my kids are very happy for their outfits by Smartynerdy.

    Adity Ara Trisha Avatar Adity Ara Trisha
    February 21, 2021
  • positive review  I ordered two tees for my baby boys and husband for celebrating 21st February.. the quality of the product is top notch and I'm very much satisfied. But what I love most is the packaging. It came with a very chic and classy box. Thumbs up for the team engaged in designing the box. If anyone wanted to give a customized tees for fnf as a gift.. you can surely think about smartynerdy as they have a nice packaging.

    Sanzida Akter Avatar Sanzida Akter
    February 20, 2021

    positive review  Thank you very much for the timely delivery. All of the designs are very unique. I will definitely shop again and recommending everyone. Good job. Keep it up.

    Antara Swarnali Priyanka Avatar Antara Swarnali Priyanka
    February 15, 2021

    positive review  I ordered from smartyerdy for the first time around a year back for my nephew, the new mom liked the rompers very much... so when my daughter was born I chose the family t shirts for her first trip, and those were perfect!! very happy with the fabric and quality.

    Fayeqa Tasnim Khan Avatar Fayeqa Tasnim Khan
    February 15, 2021
  • positive review  ধন্যবাদ ❤ Smartynerdy❤ টিশার্ট গুলো খুব সুন্দর ছিল। 👍

    Moli Shama Avatar Moli Shama
    February 13, 2021

    positive review  I have received my order. Everything is perfect and i appreciate the way you guys have organised all the packages. Also the material of the cloth is amazing. Thank youu😊

    Bithee Khanam Avatar Bithee Khanam
    February 9, 2021

    positive review  Smartnerdy is a very unique page ..rare to get nowadays.. Very Unique idea with babies Wear very good service and within a short time you will get your product in your hand.. Good job ,,👍👍

    Mortuza Akbar Alam Avatar Mortuza Akbar Alam
    January 31, 2021
  • positive review  Best quality product , very comfy.... material . My husband absolutely loved ... Thank you Smartynerdy Team ❤️❤️❤️

    Sajia Farah Avatar Sajia Farah
    January 25, 2021

    positive review  Thanks to Smartynerdy for making a special day more special 💙💙

    Nova TanZina Avatar Nova TanZina
    January 24, 2021

    positive review  3rd time purchase from them. their products quality and servicing process is too good. I will be their regular customer from now to make my special day more special .....

    Fatema K Sinthy Avatar Fatema K Sinthy
    January 22, 2021